Escambia Bay Homebrew Club Iron Brewer 2011 – 2nd Place

Pan Fried Pale Ale

The challenge:

Using a specified ingredient’s list, create a beer. You may only use the ingredients specified, no new ingredients may be used. You may alter your malt (toast it, char it, etc.) and may alter your hops additions as you see fit.


Ingredients list:

  1. 10 lbs. 2 Row Barley
  2. 3 oz Cascade Hops
  3. 1 packet of dry Muntons Ale Yeast

Escambia Bay Homebrewers Club Iron Brewers 2011

For my beer, I wanted to have a slightly higher alcohol level with more balanced malty flavor and good hops aroma and a deeper color.

I toasted 2 lbs of barley in the oven at 275 degrees for about an hour and a half. Upon seeing that there was not a significant enough color change, I took another .5 lb of barley and put it in a stainless steel frying pan and cooked it dry over medium heat until I had a good amount of charred kernels and an over all darkened appearance.

I mashed in at a little over 3 gallons of water shooting for 152 degrees. Mashed for 60 minutes and sparged with another 4.5 gallons of water. Added 1 oz hops at first wort, 1 oz at 15 minutes, .5 oz 5 minutes and .5 oz at flame out. Total post boil volume was about 4.5 gallons with an Original Gravity of 1.068 SG.

Iron Brewer 2011 2nd Place

I fermented the beer in a water bath and did my best to keep the temp around 70 degrees by using 2 liter bottles of ice that I would swap out about twice a day. I should have swapped them out at least 3 times a day in hind site.

On May 7th, The National Homebrew Day the Escambia Bay Homebrew Club met for the annual Big Brew Day and BBQ. 12 beers were entered into the contest and were voted on by popular vote. After much tasting the votes were cast and my beer was chosen as the 2nd best beer. Thank everyone for the votes!